Hey There!

3 Feb

Hello everyone, I’m Odessa and I want to introduce myself as the newest member of The Muir Project. I’ll be interning here for the next few months so I’d like to share a little bit about myself. I want to start off by telling you all how I became part of The Muir Project. It started when I heard about Mile… Mile and a Half on the Internet and thought it was something I had to see. After my first time watching it, I’ve watched it a few times now, I was so inspired and it reaffirmed for me all the reasons I love hiking and getting outside with my friends. I had planned on coming to LA this spring for an internship and decided to reach out the creators of the film. Fast-forward about 5 months and here I am interning for the awesome people who made the movie.

While I’m interning at The Muir Project one of my biggest goals is to inspire people to get outside and see what nature and wilderness have to offer. My relationship with nature began when I was just a little girl. I started hiking and skiing when I was three and it all took off from there. As I got older nature became an even bigger part of my life. I started mountain biking, which consumed my time during summer vacations. If I wasn’t at school or work, chances were that I was in the woods or on a mountain. My newest interest is rock climbing and I can’t wait to take it outdoors. There are also small things like taking a short walk in the woods or swimming in the ocean that allow me to connect with nature. Over the years my hiking trips have become longer and I ditched the skis for a board but the one thing that has remained constant for me is that nature is one of the most important things in my life. It defines who I am and has taught me so many things about myself while allowing me to connect with other people. Because I feel so strongly about the way nature has shaped and molded me, I encourage all people to embark on an adventure and find their own personal connection with wilderness and the natural world around them.

Since I am challenging everyone to go out there and explore the world around them, I’m also going to challenge myself to get out more. I’m an east coast native and have just relocated to California. I started a new adventure by moving across the country and will continue by having many amazing times in the mountains out here. I’ll be sharing my experiences and encourage all you other adventurers to get out there and come back with some amazing stories to tell. Nature is full of mystery and has something new to offer every time you get out there so lets hit the trails.