Paul Bessenbacher

Music Composer/ Music Producer
Growing up in Northern California, Paul Bessenbacher (PB to those who know him) spent his college years at a music conservatory outside Chicago. It was there that he honed his craft as an accomplished concert pianist by day & spent his nights in Chicago-area clubs as a member of bands Waterworks & Orange was the Color of Her Dress. Landing in Los Angeles in 2002, PB got mixed up with a community of like-minded artists & musicians, like composer/vocalist Lauren Hillman of Kotomi & multi-instrumentalist Jo Pusateri. They became the band, Opus Orange, whose single, “Almost There” set the soundtrack for The Muir Project’s first video release.

Joined the Crew: July 31 at Karsarge Pass
Trail Instrument: Ukelele
Job: Composer/ Traveling minstrel
Favorite Trail Food: Whiskey