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Chatter on the trail
They managed to capture both the chill vibe of going off the grid for an extended period of time, as well as the epic beauty of the trail.”

Running & Rambling

OP Adventure Team

“These people are legit, watch the trailer, their cinematography is amazing, the shots they took, the editing, the story they are telling is just great. The trailer they have put together… displays their talent and the fact that this is not just another hiking documentary.

The Goat / Backcountry

“Man, the folks who made the Muir Project video are good at taking a relatively boring, non-dynamic subject like hiking and making it fun to watch. I’m sure they’ll all be offered jobs making TV commercials for pharmaceutical companies soon.”


“Why does a group of creative artists take their gear on a 230 mile, 25 day backpacking trip? The Muir Project is why. This team not only creates masterful images in remote places, but they’re able to endure rough terrain and heavy packs. Hiking for 25 days with a 75lb pack is crazy, but the images are certainly worth it.”


“It’s a trailer that just feels genuinely inspiring: not so much for the way it frames the adventure, but that it doesn’t feel threatening or intimidating, it seems welcoming. It’s a story of individuals who go on a journey, to be sure, but there’s just something about the way the trailer captures the beauty and grandeur of the great outdoors.”


“We just heard about this film from The Muir Project, “Mile, Mile & A Half”, and we really like it. Ahem, REALLY like it.”
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