MMAAH Screening Success Story: Plainville CT

3 Dec

It’s true.We have THE MOST awesome fans ever. Dozens have signed up for Tugg screenings of Mile… Mile & A Half to share the film and the experience with their community. And the response has been tremendous! Big thanks to all of our promoters and feel free to set up a screening through Tugg yourself! We’ll support you and you’ll have a great time.


Now, off to Plainville, CT to hear the audiences responses, thanks to promoter Kathleen Miller.


We had great attendance at last night’s showing for a very enthusiastic crowd!  It was an exhilarating experience sharing the film with 143 of my hiker friends & their friends & family.  I loved listening to the audience as they laughed, groaned, oohed & awed along with the film.  There was spontaneous, sustained applause at the conclusion and everyone left the theater smiling & chatting animatedly.  Here are a few quotes from attendees:
Michael: (this from someone who just thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail) “Last nights viewing of the documentary was totally AMAZING!! It sure did make me miss being on The Appalachian Trail and brought back memories but it surly has me focused on the PCT or just the JMT. I actually ordered the DVD right when I got home! It was a very inspiring, emotional and adventurous journey. Thank You for putting this together and letting us all enjoy!!”
Hisaaki: “Thanks for setting that up! I didn’t stick around after, but my girlfriend and friend and I all enjoyed it tremendously. The John Muir Trail made it nearly to the top of my list of places to go :)  The three of us were talking after the movie and we all agreed that it’s the best movie we’ve seen in the theater in a long time. ….it was amazingly more entertaining and awe-inspiring than most of the movies played in the theater nowadays. Awesome!”
Kathy: “Totally upbeat, fun, feel-good film about hiking the John Muir Trail. It pulls you in as you share the trials, tribulations, challenges, jokes, joy and exhilaration of the hikers. Nice to share it with an appreciative audience. Now….who wants to do the JMT with me?”
Sue: “What a fun, inspiring movie set in an awesome location! My idea of roughing it is staying at a Marriot without a cocktail lounge, but after watching this movie even I could be convinced to spend a couple of nights on the trail :).”
Sara: “Great movie; so glad I got to see it on a HUGE screen around hundreds of happy hikers like myself, thanks to those who arranged it!”
Tom: “This movie was awesome! I can’t imagine in real time having views much more incredible than those we saw!”
John: “A very enjoyable movie, with great scenery and an entertaining group of hikers taking on the challenge of the John Muir Trail. It was obvious the whole audience enjoyed it, which made the theatre screening a good experience for all.”
Carol Ann: “Incredible. I want to pack the John Muir Trail too.”


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