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Can’t wait to see this. You gave us such an awesome evening at A-16. I would love to extend that feeling into as many corners of my life as possible. Sharon Young
How many great backpacking movies are there? One. Yours! Great job, you guys. Steve
Im 14 and have been to Yosemite 2 times, and both times I have one word to say “amazing.” One day in class my history teacher told me to look up the John muir project. I loved it the first time I saw the trailer. I tried to save up money to donate but sadly couldn’t. If I got to go I would finally get to give you the money. Aaron Dromgoole
Thank you so much Muir Project! It was such a privilege to attend the private screening, as your journey was truly inspirational. Everything from the soundtrack to the breathtaking panoramas to the fun group dynamics made me long to start my own adventure. Mile…Mile & a Half elegantly tapped into the deeply rooted emotions that make us all want to explore the outdoors. Thanks again for sharing your journey with us you guys! Graham Harris
I hadn’t even heard of the JMT until relocation to Cali 2 years ago. Now, I am chomping at the bit to do it. Aside from that, your project reminds me of how artists treated nature in the 1800s, in a very romantic nature. Can’t wait to see the finished project! ADKINLA
Dear Facebook: Can we just go ahead and “LIKE” all the Muir Project photos as soon as they’re posted? Please save us the clicks. Thank you, HOBO’s Market
This movie gets me excited for the adventures that lie ahead of me whether in the near or distant future. It also gives me hope that there are people still that still deeply care about the nature and still strive for adventure in a world that seems to only be focused on ways to make life cheaper and more comfortable. Jeff Wilson
I have multiple sclerosis and may never be able to hike the trail. Thank you for bringing the trail to me. Thank you Muir Project. Carolyn Apple-Montano
The day the dvd shows up in my mailbox is the day the world will stop for me, it will stay stopped until it is watched twice… Out Under The Sky
To be outside in the majesty of the wilderness brings us all closer to god (or whatever you believe), closer to each other, and closer to knowing ourselves. Thank you for this labor of love that has captured the magic and beauty of the Sierras in a way that can only be matched by doing all 211 miles yourself. Branden Brough
Truly inspiring, Beautiful images, Beautiful story, Incredible Trek that really pulls the viewer away from the stress of life and emerges them into truly living. Ryan Hatley
You have reawakened my wanderlust which has lain dormant for many years. Thanks for your efforts to bring the great outdoors to an indoor nature enthusiast and providing a catalyst to go exploring. I look forward to seeing your entire journey in March and encourage others to help bring this project to completion. Steve Smith
I saw a short screening at my local Adventure 16 store in West Los Angeles and I LOVED IT!! The cover photograph was enough to grab my attention as a fellow hiking enthusiast and the title is so very clever! I laugh to myself everytime I hear that title because I know I am so very guilty of telling people coming up the mountain that very line. Doesn’t hurt to give them a little inspiration? =) Michelle
Hi, I’m supporting your project because you have made such beautiful images of the Sierras. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do the JMT, but when your film is done I’ll be able to vicariously walk it in your shoes… Alan Baldwin
The trailer alone inspires me to hike the JMT… can’t wait for the entire film! Carolyn Donarski
What you have done and are doing is awesome, because of your project my wife and I are planning on hiking the JMT, and we’ve never done overnight hiking… We are both about to retire and can’t wait, just based on what you have released we must see and more importantly experience this adventure called JMT. I hang on every video clip you put out, and can’t wait for the film!
 Jack Prescott
I have a major problem with this film. I am insanely jealous! (But at least I can experience a trip like this vicariously through the film. Thanks for that, at least.) Stefan & Angie